Deeply Relaxing Massage~Our Signature Massage-medium to firm, deep, relaxing therapeutic touch. Perfect when you have aches, kinks, and knots that need release, yet want an overall feeling of deep relaxation.
Gently Calming Massage~light to medium touch personalized to bring rejuvenation to the body using long fluid strokes and easy stretching.
Hand or Foot Treatments~Enjoy an exfoliating scrub, relaxing hot treatment, and either a moisturizing massage or mini-reflexology session.  You pick the hands or the feet.  Minimum treatment time is 30 minutes..

Chair Massage~At your Work or Event. We bring a massage chair and all materials. This is an inexpensive but very much appreciated gift. The client does not undress, and no oils are used. After the massage, client is relaxed and refreshed. Employers can give the benefit of massage to their employees or simply give the employees the time to take to pay for their own massage.

Warm Shell Massage~Tiger Clam seashells enhance  your massage by providing unique warmth and  texture to glide smoothly over you. Heat and pressure from the shells provide relief for sore muscles, soothe the nervous system, and induce deep relaxation. If you like Hot Stone Massage, Warm Shells are better!

A Wine Country Mobile Spa

All Treatments: $105/hour

Salt/Sugar Scrub~Exfoliation combined with massage leaving your skin smoother, healthier, and refreshed. An aromatic oil/cream is then applied to give your skin a finished feel. Choose from a variety of luscious scents and textures.

Ultrasound Facials~Enjoy a skin evaluation followed by a deep facial cleanse and ultrasound therapy to stimulate collagen production.  Then enjoy a masque application and facial massage using soothing serums and nourishing cremes specifically chosen for your skin care needs.  Acupressure will be performed to further lift and tone.  Included are eye, lip, and hand treatments.   We are proud to use the best in the industry, Eminence Organics Products.  90,60, or modified 30 minute sessions available

Couples Massage~Spend the evening 'in'-together.  Special Package options available choose from Chocolates, Candles, Champagne, or Dinner for Two.

Pregnancy Massage~Special attention is given to the comfort and needs of the mother-to-be  This session includes stress reduction, help with body tension and work to counter the effects that pregnancy has on your body.

Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Bodywork~Our approach includes targeting and releasing certain muscles to help you with your goal of increased mobility/flexibility and reduced pain.  So that we may provide you with a therapist who matches your needs, please request in advance.  

(minimum 30 minutes per treatment; available in 15 minute increments.)